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RAID: Shadow Legends is an online RPG with turn-based combat and collecting heroes of over 400. Collect a squad of hundreds of unique fighters, develop each warrior, and fight in a story campaign or PvP.
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RAID: Shadow Legends is a mobile RPG with elements of dark fantasy. The game has about 16 different factions and more than 100 different main characters. With legendary heroes, you will need to try to save this world, because its existence is threatened by an impending deadly threat. Don’t let ruin and general chaos enter the kingdom! Each hero has his own unique abilities and specific skills that will need to be continuously developed throughout the gameplay.

Raid Shadow Legends

From these characters, you will need to assemble a strong team of warriors-defenders who can go into battle at any time at your command. Here you have to fight other players and powerful bosses. In the game, use a practical and effective strategy for conducting various battles, which take place between two teams in special arenas. With new levels, varieties of weapons and equipment will open.


Siroth is a dark lord who conquered the lands of the kingdom of Teleria. In the role of a resurrected warrior, players need to gather their squad and defeat all of Sairoth’s minions, gradually returning order and peace to the occupied territories. During the campaign, players will visit different castles, temples, dungeons, deserts, and other locations.


It all starts with tutorial fights, where players are introduced to the four starting heroes: Athel, Kael, Galek, and Elhain. At the end of the training, all fighters lose in the battle against the dragon. But the player can choose one of them as a first hero.

Each player will have their own Bastion with a Portal, Training Hall, Great Hall, and Tavern. With the help of shards, you can summon new warriors and legendary heroes of different qualities, replenishing your squad with them. Newcomers are sent to complete the campaign from different episodes and chapters. In the future, dungeons, PvP arena, faction wars, and clan events are available.

The fight itself consists of several rounds with a turn-based attack and the use of abilities. There is the possibility of auto-battle, and at the end of the battle, the player receives a reward for each episode of the campaign or dungeon.

The squad has a hero-leader and some ordinary soldiers. Each warrior can be assigned equipment, skills, and talents. Defeating bosses and other players in the arena will require proper selection of heroes, equipment, and talents, as well as disabling automatic combat. Further gameplay boils down to collecting heroes, constant improvement, clearing dungeons, and getting a PvP rating.


  • A unique mixture of RPG elements, turn-based combat, and collectible heroes;
  • High-quality graphics, the unique design of heroes and their equipment;
  • Large PvE campaign, several other modes, various events, achievements, rewards for visiting;
  • More than 400 unique and dissimilar heroes from different races and factions, differing in appearance, name, skills, and animation;
  • Constant progress, many events for a variety of gameplay;
  • Play RAID: Shadow Legends for free on multiple platforms.

What's new

New in version 2.10.0:

- Bazaar. Earn Gold Bars in Tag Arena and exchange them for valuable items at the Bazaar.
- 2 New Accessory types - with Special Effects! Available exclusively at the Bazaar.
- Daily Login Rewards extended to 270 days. Get 3 new Champions.
- Champion Fragments. Collect Fragments to summon specific Champions.

- Added Tiers tab in Tag Arena.
- Added warning to prevent sacrificing Champions with Artifacts or Accessories equipped.


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