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Pocket Waifu MOD is a simulation game released by Nutaku. Playing this game allows you to get acquainted with a beautiful anime girl. You need to take care of the girl, feed her, and buy a page dress or beautify her.
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Pocket Waifu MOD is a simulation game released by Nutaku. Playing this game allows you to get acquainted with a beautiful anime girl. Similar to Talking Tom Cat, in Pocket Waifu, you will also own a lovely girl on the game. You need to take care of the girl, feed her, and buy a page dress or beautify her.

Pocket Waifu

Pocket Waifu MOD APK gives you many female characters with different styles to choose from. Choose a girl you want to pursue to join the gameplay.

Released by Nutaku, the design with 2D graphics is relatively easy to see. The game mechanism is based on the story and your choices according to its evolution. Players really immersed in a different world, where there are girls that you really love and pamper.

Download Pocket Waifu MOD APK | Make friends with beautiful girls

The game is rated as a love game for men, singles who want to search for a love affair in the 4.0 era.

Pocket Waifu

Actually, it is based on the shortage of women in Japan. Men profess to have an affair, a girlfriend, or a wife to confide or do things of a couple or lovers. You can join the game; own a beautiful girl, hot body with expressive animation and charming gestures.

There are many girls with different styles, you will be able to choose any one that best suits you. The game brings you many exciting features about emotional issues, essential activities in real life, etc. promising to bring you many wonderful experiences!

Get to know the Anime girl you want

There are 10 cute anime girls to choose from when you play. You can create yourself a girl with fashion styles, faces, or skin colors according to your preferences. You can chat or have fun with her in places like parks, cafeterias, walking streets, etc. The romantic moments will come to you, promising the game will bring you a completely new experience when participating in gameplay. You can be with the girl wherever you are, whenever you want with just an Android phone. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Go further in a relationship with her

Not just stop flirting with the girl, talking, or taking care of her anymore. You can also go further in this relationship with her, and make love. Experiencing the opposite sensuality, making love with her extremely real like in real life. The operation is quite real, 2D images, but recreating vivid animations will certainly not disappoint you.

Pocket Waifu graphics

Pocket Waifu is designed entirely based on 2D graphics. Every gesture animation is extremely realistic and refined for you to feel like you’re familiar, talking, or making love with your girl or wife. The interface is quite intuitive, showing you every detail to manipulate in the game. With designs that are just animated, made in the form of short videos of character activities, and game conversations, it still brings a powerful attraction to all players.

Character system

Diverse character system and luxurious rooms. With 10 character models and styles of girls for you to choose. You can select 1 out of these 10 girls, especially to choose the girl in the style you want, such as casual, hot, cool, cute, or beautiful. I experienced and selected the extremely adorable Sakaki character with a school style.

Shop system in Pocket Waifu

Skin: Your girl uses costumes to become more beautiful, more stylish. There are many items to choose from to buy for girls, such as tops, skirts, pants, bra, underwear, etc. Some of the beautiful costumes you can buy include Light Skirt, Jeans, Jeans Shorts, Green Shorts, Blue Skirt, Leggings, Slacks, Thin Skirt, Leather Shorts, etc.

Jewelry: The beauty jewelry for girls to highlight the nobility, beauty of the girl you are managing, and taking care of. Wearing items includes Glasses, Bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc.

Shoes: Choosing for her girl the beautiful and classy shoes to match the outfit that the girl is wearing as well as the jewelry that she is training—practical style shoes such as converse, sports, van, snacker, bot, etc.

Furniture: Decorate the girl’s room with furniture to create the best living space for the girl you love often. Items include tables, chairs, wardrobes, lamps, fans, televisions, refrigerators, etc. and many other things.

Food & drink: Visit the cafeteria as soon as she is hungry, you need to buy food for the girl. Don’t leave your girl hungry, because you will be hard to get what you want then. Foods include seafood, meat, fruits, milk, coffee, fruit juice, etc.

The gifts

When you level up or have completed the assigned tasks while caring for the girl, you will receive interesting gifts. It could be money, clothes, jewelry, shoes, or food. Generally, everything that your girl/wife needs to use.

Entertainment: Take her to the events, party fun to entertain, relax will make her more fun. You will also find it easier to flirt and get to the love scene easily. Events, you have to create and build them yourself. You can also take the girl for fun or photo shoots to save memorable memories.

Personal activities: Pocket Waifu is taking content and context according to the real-life of each person. So the girl you’re looking after needs to be personally active as a real person. She also needs to eat, clean herself, bathe, brush her teeth, wash her face, hang out or shop, and do many other activities. You have to meet all her wishes, do them best.

Feature of Pocket Waifu MOD APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Resurrection

Discover the feeling of being a true boyfriend, etc. Pocket Waifu MOD APK cares for your favorite girl/wife, talk, and confides with her comfortably. In particular, you can go further to be a true male and female romance. Brings you the impressive experience there.

What's new

1.60.1 - Calm Waters!
08/01/2020 11:02AM
While Angela wraps her head around how humanity works, it is time to see how Leilani is doing! Will she learn to solve problems instead of removing them? Will she settle down and relax? Who knows! Well, we do - and soon, so will you, with our NEW EVENT: Calm Waters! As always, with it comes a SPECIAL OFFER: A UNIQUE, LEGENDARY One-Arm Swimsuit! New pictures drawn by Alexander Souto to unlock, with some new clothes, too!

- NEW EVENT: Successful therapy!
- PICTURES: Two new artworks by Alexander Souto!
- New clothes to unlock!

We need to help those who suffer - but knowing how to help correctly is half the battle!


- Unlimited Money

- Unlimited Resurrection

How to Install an APK file?

  1. Download the Pocket Waifu APK file. If you are updating and you already have the previous version of the application, then install it on top of the old version. Otherwise, you may lose the saved data.
  2. Allow in the settings to install applications from unknown sources (do once).
  3. Install APK (using a file manager: like ES File Manager).
  4. If the application does not install, try to remove the previous one, restart the phone, and perform the manual installation again.
  5. Run the application
  6. Tips: When playing the modified version, turn off the automatic login in the Google Play Games.

In case you have any concerns or questions on how to install the Pocket Waifu APK file, you can also see this detailed tutorial for beginners.

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