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Kingroot roots securely on Android devices without violating the rights to privacy and content. With this application, you will be able to access many functions of your mobile device that you have not used to date.
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Nowadays, many external applications require root permissions to function properly on our mobile devices. And to be able to enjoy all the advantages offered by these applications, mostly for free.

Rooting allows us to have access to the highest level of the Android system, and to do this, we need an efficient program such as Kingroot.

Kingroot roots securely on Android devices without violating the rights to privacy and content. With this application, you will be able to access many functions of your mobile device that you have not used to date.

Kingroot can also make your mobile more efficient by offering a number of unique cleaning and optimization features. It improves performance and limits the execution of unwanted programs that only waste energy and memory.

Below I will show you the features and functionality of Kingroot to get root access to your mobile device securely.

What is Kingroot?

It is an application for Android devices, completely free, which allows you to safely root the device, allowing you to manage and optimize it.

With Kingroot, you can eliminate bloatware (unnecessary software), prohibit the automatic start of programs, clean the system to save more energy, and increase the device’s speed.

With the root function, you will make your device for using apps such as Flashify, Supersu, and others, which are advanced apps that require system core use and root access.

In most cases, this type of procedure can affect the warranty of the device. However, Kingroot ensures that you will not have problems of this type.

How does Kingroot work?

This free application has a very simple and intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to use.

At the top, you will have access to the application settings, touching the three points you access the general settings. You can find the following:

  • enable root authorization, 
  • intelligent authorization, 
  • configure the root authorization window, 
  • access the authorization logs, 
  • automatically update wifi, 
  • get a ram memory protection list and 
  • uninstall Kingroot.

Activate root authorization

This function allows advanced applications to access the superuser configuration (root) of the mobile device. When these applications are started, Kingroot will warn you through a pop-up window, through which you can allow access.

Root authorization window

Allows you to set the duration of the pop-up window when advanced applications want to use the root function of the mobile device. Options are 10, 20, and 30 seconds of countdown authorization or standard waiting time.

Two options

Deny and allow, respectively, the latter option allows the Kingroot to automatically grant permissions when the default countdown ends. For example, if you select deny, the Kingroot will deny access to the application by ending the default waiting time.

Update your registration

You can see the recent updates of Kingroot, therefore, keep its current operation and capabilities up to date.

In your initial interface, you will see four buttons at the bottom, which will allow you to manage your device’s root functions:

1. Root authorization

By tapping this option, you will have access to all the applications to which you have granted root permission. You can easily manage them by indicating in each of them if you want to continue to allow access or deny it at your convenience. The latter function can be selected next to the application logo.

2. Uninstall the software

It allows you to efficiently uninstall programs you are not using, optimizing your mobile device’s speed and memory. No more application will be needed; with Kingroot, you will have complete management, saving system resources.

It is divided into two parts: Integrated and Personal Software.

In the integrated software, you will find three sections the first shows you the ” useless software, “where you can uninstall the applications that Kingroot deems useless. The second is the “system software” and gives you a list of all the programs used by the system to run.

In this case, a thorough knowledge of each application is required because if you remove something improperly, it will damage the correct functioning of the mobile device.

And finally, there is the “Main system applications” option, which shows the specialized applications that should only be managed if you have advanced knowledge of the Android system. Removing an application can directly affect the operation of the phone, to the point of making it useless, so be very careful!

To uninstall, just touch the option to uninstall the system, the uninstallation will start immediately.

The personal software option shows all the applications you install on your mobile device, from Google Play, or from another platform. Kingroot allows you to manage them easily through a simple list where you can uninstall what you don’t like most or don’t use frequently.

The uninstallation process is the same. You need to select the application, choose several, and then touch the uninstall button.

3. Automatic application management

In this option, you can tell Kingroot which application you want to start when you connect your device.

We recommend starting the device with the least number of applications for faster speed. You can choose in order of importance, for example: start with an antivirus and remove google play boot; in this way, you save system resources, and the device connects quickly.

At the top of the screen, you will see the number of programs enabled at startup and those disabled.

4. System cleaning

This option will allow you to perform advanced system cleaning by eliminating processes that slow down and consume unnecessary energy.

At the end of the scan, it will allow you to disable the processes to improve the system performance.

How to install Kingroot?


  • you must activate the security option for “unknown sources or applications.”
  • run the downloaded APK file, starting the installation.
  • Follow the steps indicated by the installation program.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • You will find the Kingroot icon in the application menu.

Kingroot features

  • 100% free application.
  • Secure root access with advanced management capabilities.
  • Acceleration of android system software.
  • Uninstalling unnecessary applications.
  • Optimization of the power and speed of the system.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages :

  • custom root access.
  • Ability to enable and disable root access to applications.
  • Enable or disable startup programs.
  • Quickly manage system cleaning.
  • System notifications.

Disadvantages :

  • Unknown application for Android devices.
  • Available only for PC and Android operating systems.
  • May affect your mobile device warranty.

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