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The Dragon Ball Legends seems to be stainless. After 35 years from the first publication, the universe of super fighters created by Akira Toriyama continues to fascinate readers, viewers, and gamers, generation after generation.
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The Dragon Ball Legends seems to be stainless. After 35 years from the first publication, the universe of super fighters created by Akira Toriyama continues to fascinate readers, viewers, and gamers, generation after generation. Unlike other historical series of the 80s and 90s, the strength of Dragon Ball seems to renew, expand without losing too much of its original spirit. Evidence of this story is found in the success of the new series, Dragon Ball Super. You can download the Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK from the link given below!

General InfoDetails
File nameDragon Ball Legends Mod APK
Current Version2.8.1
Minimum OS requirementAndroid 6.0
Size71.99 MB
File TypeMOD APK
Total Downloads5455
Last Update4 Hours ago
MOD FeaturesMenu Mod / Dmg Multiple / Defence Multiple / Unlimited Ki / No Ki Cost / No Swap Cd / Auto / Complete Challenge / PvP PvE Mod / All Cards / Gives Dragon Balls / Unlimited Vanish / Unlimited Rising Rush Skill / Install Win / One Wave Win / Kill One Enemy Win / PvP PvE Mod
DeveloperBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

How to Install Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK

  1. Download the Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK file. If you are updating and you already have the previous version of the application, then install it on top of the old version. Otherwise, you may lose the saved data.
  2. Allow in the settings to install applications from unknown sources (do once).
  3. Install APK (using a file manager: like ES File Manager).
  4. If the application does not install, try to remove the previous one, restart the phone, and perform the manual installation again.
  5. Run the application
  6. Tips: When playing the modified version, turn off the automatic login in the Google Play Games.

In case you have any concerns or questions on how to install the Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK file, you can also see this detailed tutorial for beginners.

Game review: Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK

The gameplay of Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK is well-calibrated on mobile use. Still, it is clearly a little simple compared to other combat games. It is a middle ground that manages to portray the spectacular nature of the Dragon Ball clashes on the portable screens. Thanks to the excellent graphics that allow us to take part in apparently difficult fights with short and simple touches with our fingers.

Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK

Warriors of Time

One of the newest elements of Dragon Ball Legends is the Warriors of Time.

The story of Legends follows the deeds of Shallot. A mysterious Saiyan from the past who awakens in our time, on Earth, completely disoriented and without any memory that can help him rebuild his previous life.

Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK 3

The aim of the Saiyan is to make his way into the world set up by the imagination of Akira Toriyama, crossing old and new enemies who have made the company famous in the last thirty years: in this regard, for this to be possible, Legends uses the easy trick of time travel, which allows the various characters to relate to villains and supporting actors from any era of Dragon Ball. 

The King Kaioh of the North, in fact, has launched a special competition called Tournament of Time. The best warriors of all ages will have to fight each other in battles at the last ray of energy.

Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK 2 450x450 1

Dragon Ball Legends is set in the 780 Era, after the Universe Survival Saga and Dragon Ball Super. For this reason, Shallot will very easily meet Beerus, the angry god of destruction of the Seventh Universe, together with his angel, Lord Whis, and Jaco, the Galactic Patrolman. As the mysterious Saiyan, we will come across well-known personalities in the Dragon Ball universe, such as a 16-year-old Bulma, Nappa, and Vegeta from the Saiyan Saga of Dragon Ball Z, Broly from the OVA The Super Saiyan of Legend and so on.

The Saiyans according to Legends

The story is divided into chapters in which we will have to make room for clashes with the last Kamehameha. But there are also transversal episodes called Events. It will be necessary to conduct particularly demanding battles that recreate the most famous events of the Dragon story Ball.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK 1 450x450 1

For example, we start with the advent of Raddish, Son Goku’s brother, on Earth. Performed both at the beginning and at the end of the clash with static cutscenes that reproduce the famous frames of the Dragon Ball Z anime.


It is useful for concatenating simple melee combos and spheres of energy from a distance. And a system of virtual cards that allow you to use special attacks divided into four main categories. They are: the impulses intended, the close combos, the bursts of energy, the changes to the statuses, and the Supreme Attacks. Each card has a cost in terms of Ki – which can be reloaded by holding down the touch screen – and, randomly, they can generate a Dragon Ball that adds up to a small counter on the right of the screen.

It will be possible to activate a special combo in which the three team members launch their respective most iconic attacks. This sequence inflicts a significant amount of damage on their opponent. It allows us to get out of the more thorny situations. 

Dragon Ball Legends requires a strategy in the management of its Ki and available cards, even if everything turns out to be less deep in the long run than it would like to represent. In this sense, a more layered system without automatic refills, with more limitations in the resources supplied, would have made the combat system more complex, tactical, and competitive, especially in PvP.

Dragon Ball Legends APK MOD is, in short, an experience not particularly complex on the gameplay side but profound and layered on the level of progression and collectibles, with a visual compartment that also gives some special tables for each character on the list, which can also be saved via screenshots, in order to create personalized and colorful backgrounds for your smartphone. 

The content included in the basic version will surely be able to entertain the community in the short term, but it will need adequate support from the development team both to include new faces in the cast of fighters, all too limited only to some warriors belonging mainly to Dragon Ball Z, both in terms of PvE to get new rewards and collectibles.

What's new

【Update Contents】
- Decreased battle load time.
- Decreased time between opening the app and arriving at the title screen.
- Added a function where players can consecutively repeat Adventures.
- Adjusted matching for Rating Matches to better evenly pair players.
- Adjusted other parts of the UI.

【Issues Fixed】
- Fixed various bugs
* Check the in-game News for more information.


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