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AFK Arena is an epic role-playing game with amazing stories, exciting adventures, and gorgeous rewards. You can build your army of heroes and send it to new achievements every day to earn the greatest wealth.
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Lilith Games
7 hours ago
Android 4.1 or above
100 MB
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AFK Arena is an epic role-playing game with amazing stories, exciting adventures, and gorgeous rewards. You can build your army of heroes and send it to new achievements every day to earn the greatest wealth. Wander through the dark labyrinths in search of treasures, fight with their defenders, and get well-deserved rewards. You can download the AFK Arena MOD APK from the link given below!


You definitely will not get bored with the AFK Arena MOD APK game, because various tournaments and championships are held continuously. You can participate in various events and get unique trophies, becoming more robust. People can choose a convenient rhythm and relax in the fabulous atmosphere of the game without any time limits or extra time. In this game, people enjoy colorful battles, fighting powerful demons. Collect a unique set of the greatest heroes made in a bright, colorful style. Their characters, the developers, were led by Celtic mythology, and the result was simply excellent. You can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Esperia and experience all its splendor with the AFK Arena Tier list.

You can challenge heroes from four different factions under your banner and challenge your fate. Use the unique and powerful abilities of each hero to create an invincible power and save the world called Esperia!

Game process

Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Esperia, fighting evil and not letting him destroy your kingdom. This game will have a difficult task in the section of pumping heroes and obtaining equipment, where you must work hard to get items and raise the levels of your characters.

During the battle itself, you need to organize your group of 5 people, where each character will have amazing animated skills.

At the beginning of the game, you need to correctly position your characters in the first line of warriors in order to take on the attacks of opponents, and rearrange the magicians and archers. During the battle, your heroes will attack automatically, but manually you will be able to include special skills. The more battles you have, the more you can unlock special abilities.

After you exit the game, the heroes will continue to fight and accumulate wealth in order to return the treasure when you return.

Features AFK Arena (AFK Arena MOD APK)

  • Climb the Royal Tower’s spiral staircase, go through the endless paths of the Secret Labyrinth, and explore the mythical Peaks of Time – new adventures are waiting for you! 
  • Choose a hero from four factions: Lightbringer, Wild, Tormentors, and Stillborn. Create your heroes and use their powerful abilities to defeat your enemies! 
  • Let your heroes conduct battles while you work or play! All you need to do is press a button and collect the rewards for which they fought. 
  • Enjoy playing for any of 44 unique and colorful characters. Train them from novice adventurers to powerful champions. 
  • Look for sacred artifacts hidden in the hidden corners of Time Peaks and discover new storylines. 
  • Meet players from all over the world, create your own guilds, and explore Esperia together!

Download AFK Arena MOD APK

General InfoDetails
File nameAFK Arena MOD APK
DeveloperLilith Games
Size100 MB (approx)
Total Downloads50,000+
Last Update7 hours ago
RequirementsAndroid 4.1 or above
Interactive ElementsUsers interact, In-game purchases

How to Install AFK Arena MOD APK on Android smartphone?

After you download, install it like a normal APK allowing Unknowing Source. If you are the first time installing an APK file, continue reading below for the instruction.

  1. Download the AFK Arena MOD APK file. If you are updating and you already have the previous version of the application, then install it on top of the old version. Otherwise, you may lose the saved data.
  2. Allow in the settings to install applications from unknown sources (do once).
  3. Install APK (using a file manager: like ES File Manager )
  4. If the application does not install, try to remove the previous one, restart the phone, and perform the manual installation again.
  5. Run the application
  6. Tips: When playing the modified version, turn off the automatic login in the Google Play Games.

In case you have any concerns or questions on how to install the AFK Arena MOD APK file, you can also see this detailed tutorial for beginners.

Game review: AFK Arena MOD APK

Modern games often try to take away the available time with the help of overloaded mechanics, dealers, and regular activities. The developers from Lilith Games went the other way; for their free game AFK Arena, only ten minutes a day is enough.

1. Demon Invasion

The plot of the project is quite standard: the fantasy world of Esperia was invaded by demons from another dimension. The threat turned out to be so serious that all the races inhabiting the world rose to fight it.

They formed six factions, and each found its own characters – the main characters AFK Arena MOD APK. Moreover, each character has his own story, which can be learned by completing tasks and raising the level.

Interestingly, when creating the universe, the developers took inspiration from the Celts’ mythology – one of the northern peoples of Europe.

Most mobile games of similar themes adhere to the Middle Ages or create another stereotypical fantasy setting. In contrast, Lilith Games (based in Asia like Casumo) created a truly unusual world, somewhat reminiscent of The Banner Saga, but more cheerful.

2. Saviour of Esperia

The main goal of the game is to complete tasks related to hunting demons. To do this, you need to assemble a squad of heroes. In the first stages of the passage, the player receives several, but the rest must be opened using game currency or received as the campaign progresses.

This is a particular element of collecting and one reason to return to the game after each update since developers regularly add new characters.

Existing heroes can be pumped, increasing their level, and changing appearance. At the same time, the experience gained must be distributed manually and wisely. The fact is that each hero belongs to a certain fraction and has its advantages and disadvantages. Some enemies can be defeated only by a certain combination of characters, so it is not worth it to focus on the same faces.

3. Mode for the lazy

Another interesting feature of the game is the ability to go through it, not even including it. The name AFK Arena was not chosen at all by chance: the characters will participate in battles, even if the player does not include the game.

The idea is not new; idle-games on mobile platforms is enough. But thanks to this solution, the developers saved the players from sadly grind tasks of the same type. Instead, you can just go in once a day, share the experience gained, count the money earned, and give directions for the next few hours.

This is convenient and allows you to really play comfortably without investing real money to speed up pumping. Paid features in the game, of course, are. You can buy sets with rare characters, as well as other benefits.

But this can not be called a minus: after all, AFK Arena MOD APK is entirely free, and adding content and server support costs money.

In addition, the project from Lilith Games is one of the few in which it’s not a pity to “embed” a little. Mainly because of the cool visuals, which in style resembles the aforementioned The Banner Saga and Tarot cards from dragon Age: Inquisition.

The drawing is really very cool and unique in its own way. Around the game, there was even a cohesive, creative community that creates its own drawings based on motives.

But what about the endgame?

Ok, the game is great for casual users, but what to do with everything else? In addition to collecting and pumping heroes, you can join the guild for farm bosses – especially dangerous opponents who cannot be defeated by an ordinary group. At the same time, you do not need to wait for other players, you can make your contribution alone.

Fortunately, the AFK Arena MOD APK community in the US is quite developed, so there will be no problem finding a guild under your time zone. And playing with fellow countrymen is more fun – you can chat in the chat and exchange experiences.

And for a hardcore audience, the developers added a special PvP event called the Legends Championship. This is a large and long tournament in which users worldwide fight for the title of the best player.

True, here you already have to donate to the characters, because knocking them out for free in a short time is quite difficult. On the other hand, you can fight in PvP at an amateur level, then a more or less pumped group will fit, which can be obtained in a few weeks of a regular game. And only then, having gained experience and pumping the most useful heroes, you can try your hand at a higher level.

Esperia needs saviours, even the laziest!

The AFK Arena MOD APK project is a great example of a mobile game that copes with its main task and does not try to charm a player for long hours. Instead, the developers from the studio Lilith Games made a beautiful and simple game with pumping and collecting heroes.

Nevertheless, the game has more advanced features, but it is strictly optional and requires a long game. Or donate, which accelerates progress and opens the way to the PvP championship.

Why should you download this application?

1. Firstly, almost all games try to occupy all your free time as much as possible with overloaded mechanics, a mandatory regular asset, and all kinds of rewards only in case of constant use. Here, you can spend no more than 10 minutes a day on the game and, at the same time, not feel any “infringement” by serious restrictions.

2. Secondly, the ability to participate in battles without even entering the game is a kind of regime for lazy or busy people. Your characters will fight even in your absence. You can, at any convenient moment, distribute the gained experience, pick up gold and rewards, and then calmly go about your business again. Where else have you seen such unobtrusiveness?

3. Third, because of the charming atmosphere, which is saturated with literally everything.

Another huge advantage is that AFK Arena MOD APK is completely free. You can pump up quite well without a single penny. However, it was not without in-game purchases. To purchase a large number of cards at once, you will get reasonable offers for the rare heroes or other goodies. Actually, such an exciting and high-quality application is not a sin to condone, but a matter of choice.

In any case, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the game and try to take one of the first lines in the rating table. It is not so difficult to do this, at least for now.

Download our AFK Arena MOD APK right now and get the opportunity to become the most powerful owner of a huge number of heroes and a successful military leader.

What's new

— Nakoruru, The Nature's Guardian has arrived!
Try out the latest Dimensional hero for free and level up with ease!

— Enjoy a world of vivid beauty
Discover heroes and factions that each possess their own unique and gorgeous art styles, all inspired by Celtic mythology.

— Kick back and enjoy
No complicated strategies needed. Constantly advance while you relax!

— Share levels among your heroes
Use the Resonating Crystal to make your low-level heroes stronger!

— Turn the tides of battle
Employ a multitude of different heroes and strategies!

— Explore Unique mazes
Discover amazing treasures while exploring the Peaks of Time and Voyage of Wonders!


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